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Mentor Training


Today, local congregations and churches experience remarkable results when they provide marriage mentoring for couples in relationship, newly married, married for several years, and also for couples in crisis.

Trained lay couples can make a lasting impact that shapes their society and church. It is the process of an experienced and trained couple (no one said anything about “being perfect”) mentoring a less experienced couple and helping them with new issues.

Regrettably, less than 5% of churches take advantage of the lay marriage mentor opportunity and only about 30% require couples to have a couple evaluation as part of their marriage preparation, while the vast majority of weddings take place in churches.
This is a tragedy – it is a lost opportunity to equip engaged couples with skills they will need for a successful marriage.

We change this by offering several training options that are customized to meet the unique needs of your church or organization.


“The two most important days in your life: the day you were born and the day you found out what for.”

(Mark Twain)



Jan and Sina live with their two twin sons (born 2015) in Radolfzell on Lake Constance and have been part of the trainer team at RelateWorks since 2015. They themselves have been married since 2011 and had the topic of “healthy relationships and marriages” on their minds from the very beginning of their relationship. Since their first year of marriage, they have led the relationship and marriage preparation classes at their church. An integral part of their shared vision and focus of their commitment is to guide (married) couples on the path to a strong and healthy relationship.

Jan is a humorous and creative enthusiast who quickly gets excited about many things. He likes to think outside the box and loves to tweak things. For him, there couldn’t be enough hours in the day and his mind is always on the next project or adventure.

Sina enjoys the moments in the here and now. She is the calming influence and peacemaker in the family and her patience stretches from here to the North Pole. For her, spending time with her family is the most precious thing. She has an eye for detail, a penchant for perfection, and yet a constant wanderlust.

For Jan and Sina, the focus in their own marriage is to see their personal differences as an asset and a complement, to support and challenge each other in their uniqueness, and yet always maintain the team spirit as a couple and a family.


"We have never heard of marriage mentor training of this kind before. This time of training was a great change for us. A very valuable experience that helped us to move forward. We met Rainer and Kerstin when we were trained as marriage mentors in Canada. Their love and passion for what they do helped us feel connected to them. They both prepared a reliable and safe environment for us that allowed us to be a part of what they had created for God's kingdom. May your hearts be blessed. We would love to accompany you and your continuing journey."

Romeo & Leah Esteban,


"In September 2012 we participated in the 'Relate Works' seminar led by Rainer and Kerstin Knaack. Despite our life experience of 34 years of marriage and four years of leading marriage preparation and marriage classes, our participation during the three-day seminar led us to examine our marriage on an even deeper level. This caused us to change some habits that kept us from being as supportive and intimate in our marriage as we could be. Admitting weakness and embracing change is a difficult thing for us to do, but when confronted with God's Word and with the encouragement of insightful believers, we were able to implement the necessary changes and make our marriage more meaningful. Initially, we wondered why this training would take about 30 hours. In the run-up, we had been reluctant to invest three full days in this training, but we were blessed beyond measure by implementing this as follows: it takes time to absorb the material presented and it is in the idea of how mentoring is practiced that real learning can take place. We needed time to practice the best possible mentoring process, to learn from ourselves and from each other's strengths, as well as in areas that could be improved. Rainer and Kerstin have a great passion for enriching marriages and spent almost a year compiling and adding to the world's best material - some of it existing - to create this powerful concept. Having completed this training, we can only praise the teaching provided by Rainer and Kerstin. As well as the material we worked with methodically. Our world needs to come to understand again how good marriages can be and needs the tools to make marriage great. Sadly, most couples struggle with both the vision and the lack of knowledge and methods to make their relationship great, not boring. Anyone who is in a relationship can benefit from what 'Relate Works' has to offer. We are both more than grateful to have taken the 'Relate Works' seminar and can't wait to run off equipped with other couples to help them grow in their marriage. Rainer and Kerstin... we learned a lot. Thank you for your wisdom and insight. You are an amazing couple and God will do great things through you both. We are glad you came into our lives."

Johan & Freda Loeve,