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Why mentoring?

We recommend that anyone seeking a lifelong marriage or relationship think about choosing a suitable pair of mentors. Regardless of the stage of life, accompanying mentors are always useful.

Every organization now implements the mentoring process to help people improve their thinking and acting. In medicine, young doctors have the experienced doctors at their side, in the music scene, the musicians are available for each other with their experience.


Because it works.

We learn best when we have trustworthy people who are allowed to speak into our lives and into our life’s work or vocation.

In Proverbs 19:20 we are lovingly admonished: “Listen to good advice and accept rebuke, that you may become wise for the rest of your life”.

We will always need a coach or mentor – no matter how old or how successful we are.

Lebron James is one of the most successful basketball players in the world, yet his performance always requires a mentor and coach at his side. You will never get to the point in your life where you can say: “I have learned everything. From now on, I don’t need help from anybody else.”

A passionate pair of mentors will bring out the best in you in three areas: your roles, your goals and your soul. Mentors give you perspective. They help you to look at yourself and your marriage or other circumstances. We cannot always see how we act outside of our own perspective. We always look at things from our own limited perspective. We need someone else in our lives to tell us

“Have you ever thought about…?

What about this one?

What about that one?”

RelateWorks® would not be where we are today without the people who have contributed their lives to this day. The book Proverbs 15:22 says “Without good advice, most plans fail; but many advisors guarantee success”.

What God has done through us since 2008 has not happened because we are smarter than others. It happened through great mentors and counsellors who we have been allowed to have by our side ever since. They are people we can use to reflect on our ideas and receive feedback.

When we talked with you, we learned some things that made us better leaders and mentors. We are convinced of this. You have experiences that we do not have – and vice versa. Successful people listen to trustworthy advice.

Getting feedback from mentors is absolutely critical. If you don’t get feedback, you will drop out of the course. During all the space trips to the moon, those ships had to make continuous course corrections. The earth was spinning and the moon was spinning. To meet the challenge, the astronauts had to change the course of their spacecraft. Regular feedback was the only way to do this.

Also in our marriage and in our relationships we all have to make directional corrections from time to time. If you are not open to feedback from your mentors, you will not learn and you will not mature.

You husbands and wives: Think about a trusting mentoring couple in your marriage!

Whether you are 17, 27, 37, 57, 77 or 107 years young, there is always someone to learn from.

Find a married couple with character.

Find a couple with the skills you long for. Make sure you find a couple you trust.

We would be happy to assist you in finding a suitable marriage mentor couple.

Are you a married couple interested in becoming certified RelateWorks® – Marriage Mentors?

Feel free to contact us if you are specifically interested in the marriage mentor training or to book individual mentoring that takes place via Zoom, Skype or even in person.


"For Achim and me, Rainer and Kerstin were a great blessing - we love that they took us on their personal and intimate journey with God. Through this they became a blessing, light, encouragement and hope for us and many others. That is what touched our hearts so much."

Kristin Teubner,


"Rainer and Kerstin are characterized above all by a very special deep understanding of partnership and marriage. With practical and humorous tips on how to deal with communication, equality and inequality, but also how to deal with signals from the partner, the two put God at the center of a functioning marriage. They clarify how God sees marriage, what potential is contained in it and give courage to embark on this exciting journey together with God as the foundation. They always provide a protected, safe space with opportunity for openness, honesty and at the same time secrecy and confidentiality regarding personal marriage issues. The two impress with their authentic way of sharing with others their personal experiences on the topic of marriage."

Jan & Julia Koch,


"Rainer is extraordinary. Ever since we met, I have been fascinated by his perceptiveness and by his wisdom. Since a few months I have the privilege to be accompanied by him as a mentor. The goal is to make and implement good decisions for my life in order to grow professionally and privately. Not only does Rainer see the potential and opportunities for change in my life, through skillful questions he has already led me to recognize and work on much of it myself. His firm faith in Jesus Christ and his knowledge of God's Word enable him to take a holistic perspective and to give important impulses in spiritual matters as well. I am very grateful to Rainer for his guidance so far and appreciate him as a faithful companion, a valuable advisor and a good friend."

Stefan Vetter,


"When we think of Rainer and Kerstin, what spontaneously comes to mind is their heart for married couples and marriages in general. They have an incredible vocation that they love to live in and don't shy away from the biggest hurdles. It's more than a simple question-and-answer session. Rainer and Kerstin test their answers to any relationship questions with God's Word. We quickly realized that the two of them have an incredibly comprehensive knowledge on the subject of marriage. This knowledge - coupled with their passion for God - creates a special atmosphere of security. We always felt comfortable, even though we sometimes discussed rather unpleasant topics. There is a special gift on their lives and we are grateful that they share this with us and other couples. We appreciate them both with all our hearts and are very grateful to have known them."

Daniel & Tamara Saurer,