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Strengthen relationships. Improve life.

You want to be part of something extraordinary.
Our vision is to build a healthy society through strong marriages, which are the foundation for blossoming families, conscious child rearing and a significant decrease in divorces.
Our mission is to educate a new generation of passionate marriage mentors who will support marriages, families and relationships in order to discover and develop their valuable potential.
As a couple, at RelateWorks® you will experience an international and experienced team of leaders who are passionate about helping marriages grow and flourish. As a suitable and committed couple, you will be equipped and empowered to realize your potential as a spouse and live a meaningful life.
We are committed to creating an environment where you can put your knowledge into practice and grow in your leadership skills.
Allow yourself to be challenged to do all that you are called to do.

On request, one of us is also available individually as a mentor – in person or online. A personal e-mail for scheduling and content coordination is sufficient for the next step.

Furthermore, we are always available as speakers and/or leaders of seminars and workshops. We have summarized more detailed information on the following pages.

Looking forward to getting to know you or seeing you again soon, we send our best regards to

Rainer & Kerstin Knaack with the whole team





``Rainer can be described in a few words as follows: Creative head with Swabian stomach. Are you bored or looking for an idea for whatever? Rainer has the answer. He bubbles over with passionate ideas that are unconventional and can sometimes be off-putting. He thinks ahead, around the corner and often against the current. For the implementation of these sometimes crazy ideas Rainer is blessed with great people in his environment, who sometimes let themselves be infected by his fire and go into the implementation with him. Of course only at rocket speed and not at snail's pace. That goes without saying for me with his personality. Love also goes through his stomach. With a Swabian meal (with viiiiieeel sauce) you won him quickly. Sweets are not really his thing. Rather hearty and fierce. Also his daddy looks unconventional: Rainer himself is so playful that he has a magnetic effect on children because he can completely immerse himself in their world. A few years ago, he made a conscious decision to get off the hamster wheel in order to live his vocation, and he also combines vocation with his father role. He loves qualitative time, nature, commitment, order (sometimes already too orderly) and people are almost always his priority. Of us, Rainer is rather the chatterbox and uses probably twice as many words as I do every day.`` - Kerstin -




``Since 2003 I have been allowed to know Kerstin, to have her at my side and to explore and experience the adventure called 'life' with her. In the beginning it was about discovering and feeling each other, then about learning to appreciate each other's treasures, about common challenges and now very much about our other roles called parents. The two rascals Noah and Anna bring out the best and also the most hidden in Kerstin. She gives herself into their lives as a foresighted, sensitive and multifaceted creative mommy. What fascinates me about Kerstin then and now is the quality of power. With her, there is no lengthy banter, torture or vagrancy, but rather intensive examination, weighing, rolling up her sleeves and getting down to work. With Kerstin I have always been able to steal horses, in every respect. She prefers to have me at her side as a happy and fulfilled man without a job and lives for it with € 5,--/day under the bridge as an apathetic spouse who brings home a lot of material wealth with his career and/or position. Kerstin quickly finds ways and means, her impatience drives me irregularly to white heat and the drive is immense - or so. With cartoons, tasty cakes, Jesus-centered fellow men, cuddly toys and real, cuddly animals, I was able to lure them out from behind the stove in case the world didn't look so rosy.`` - Rainer -



`` Since 2003 I may know Kerstin, since 2015 as a wife at my side and with her explore and experience the adventure 'marriage'. Initially through mutual discovery and sensing, then through learning to appreciate shared challenges and now very much through our other roles called parents. Our two rascals Noah and Anna bring out the best and also the most hidden in Kerstin. She gives herself as a forward-thinking, empathetic and diversely creative mommy in their lives.
What inspires me about Kerstin, then as now, is the quality of being a doer. With her, there's no long waffling, waffling or faffing about, but rather intensive examination, consideration, rolling up one's sleeves and getting down to work.
I have always been able to steal horses with Kerstin, in every respect. She would rather have me by her side as a happy and fulfilled man without a job, living under the bridge with just a few euros a day, than have a listless spouse who brings home a lot of material wealth with his steep career.
Kerstin quickly finds ways and means, her impatience drives me irregularly to white heat and her drive is immeasurable.
With cartoons, delicious cakes, Jesus-centered people, cuddly animals and real, cuddly animals, I could usually lure her out from behind the stove, if the world does not look so rosy.`` - Rainer -

You want to learn more about us – where we come from, what we have done and experienced so far?


Guest of Jenny Feuerbacher from Zusammen.Sein.


RelateWorks® accompanies change processes in organizations in the non-profit sector and in companies of the free market economy.

In the private sphere we accompany the most diverse change processes as mentors for families, for married couples, for singles, for couples in partnership and also for marriage preparation.

The training of couples as marriage mentors is based on a specially developed training concept.


“We are firmly convinced that the work of RelateWorks is making a tangible
difference to the marriages of our church and that this ministry of Rainer and Kerstin Knaack has the potential to do the same for many more churches.
These two served faithfully in our church for many years and their work contributes in a special way to the stability, health and growth of our church. We would recommend any church consider partnering with RelateWorks that has a desire to see marriages and relationships flourish, which in turn can strengthen others through marriage mentoring, classes, etc.”Freimut & Joanna Haverkamp, Hillsong Church Germany, Zurich & Vienna, Lead Pastors